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Parcel Delivery Club


Spacious Thinking is providing a new identity and state of the art website for a new start up project based in Bristol in the UK called Parcel Delivery Club.

This new kind of postage delivery comparison service provides Customers, primarily within the UK, to be able to aggregate the prices for several courier services within one display online and then able to choose the delivery of their package/s worldwide at the best rates.

Our initial scope of work requires the complete technical implementation, UI & UX design, set up and user group testing for a new website. Also an identity design package and later a content marketing strategy.

The identity we created is bright, fresh, mobile friendly and represents a positive environment for customers to interact across all media marketing channels.

A badge of fun, trust and change the ‘Club Box’ logo form represents a modern movement to make parcel comparisons super simple, great value and offers something focused towards the growing new wave of online entrepreneurs selling goods online.