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Motionplay Cloud App


Motionplay is a new concept for photo and video sharing through social media. Based in Kuala Lumpur, and with programming support in Manila, this start-up was founded by Spacious Thinking’s consultant creative director Graham Roberts and with technical management from Rob Nicol from PFX in Australia.

The concept allows for easy access to your mobile images and video, which you can seamlessly drop into a themed graphic template via an in-browser interface. Your content is compiled in cloud servers and then quickly delivered, as an HD animation, anywhere you wish.

The interface has a series of updated ‘drag and drops’ as animated elements to add into the templates scenes. Additional music, audio, text can also be added and positioned at stages of the animation within a scene. The gallery of animated ideas to choose is at HD resolution video.

After proving the technology, and cloud delivery infrastructure works (and designing over 20 template options to see the potential) the business is now looking at moving from an incubator towards phase 1 funding currently.