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Since late 2014 Spacious Thinking has been working with Welsh furniture company Celtic Forest to build several new concepts. These ideas connect their brand to a far wider demographic and expand their market reach considerably.

Although Celtic Forest utilises traditional woodworking methods they are very open to forward thinking ideas. However, their business is also very much a seasonal one and is affected by the great British weather. It’s hard to sit in sub zero temperatures in the garden rain even if they are fantastic garden furniture pieces your sitting on.

Our solution was to build a personalised lazering service that includes several new ways for customers to adapt and change the final outcome of their high quality Welsh wood gift. All via a fully customisable e-commerce platform and payment gateway.

During conversations with our site developers, and our creative director, we realised it was possible to design an on-demand lazered gifts service that has some really nice, new to the market, features. Celtic Forest’s E-commerce Wordpress website has been designed by Spacious Thinking and we currently manage the sites CMS (amongst other brand development campaign efforts).

How it works is that a customer can go to the websites gift pages and choose from a series of gift products. The gift product chosen has it’s own set of personalisation options on it’s shop page (each menu set up is different and works for the specific products requirements). The menu options are managed using the CMS (content management system).

Any given idea can include menus, or multiple menus, to add text, add sentences, add dates, upload photos, pick fonts, choose graphic designs, choose shapes, choose patterns, choose the shape of the gift and the size of the gift. You name it really. You can even upload sounds files to engrave the waveform shape. Creatively it opens a big box on customer choice. One idea becomes 50 variations to choose from!

For example customers can upload a series of photos to apply to different wood shapes and they can then write a message and choose a modern font for each element. Then off to the check out and the menu selections are listed in the customers invoice to double check them. At the same time the administrator receives this data for the job, so they can make and send the lazering files via email to the workshop.

What makes this fledgling service interesting are the options for adding designer graphics and modern illustrations within the drop down menus. So not only are the gift products well made (from Welsh Oak by and large) but the customers can choose from dozens of creative options to lazer into the surface.

They can also choose different shapes and sizes for the gift itself to be cut out. With multiple menus, for example, some elegant wall mounted flat, organic, shapes can be cut to order based on a series of menu choices. Then each of these shapes can have different designs, or patterns, or even different photos on each one.

The customer gets the chance to change the look to match his interior design. So various graphic designs can be applied to gift products for the bedroom, the children room, the man cave, the kitchen etc.

The flexibility of modular designs, chosen via various menu options, with an on-demand lazered engraving process, is something we feel is pretty new to the e-commerce world. Our system gives the customer lots of choice.

The projects started in earnest on the website in Q1 2015 and has a roadmap with many more designs to be added every quarter.

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